Videoder app FAQ

Is Videoder safe?

Of course, it won’t harm you in any case. It’s friendly as well it won’t ask you ever to register on thier app or ask you about your personal information. So there is nothing to worry about because you can use this app anonymously.

Is Videoder Legal?

It’s quite complicated to answer because here you’ll get a number of pirated stuff which isn’t legal to share openly. Like latest movies download link, or paid contents.
But there are more than 20 million users using this app so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Is this app can download 4K Videos?

Yes, you can download 4k videos through this app. Apart from 4k you also have some other choices if you don’t have much data. 144p to 4K Ultra HD, this apo supports every possible quality.

Is this Ads Free Version?

Actually it isn’t, but trust me you’ll never feel annoyed by its advertisements because they are placed very well and are friendly according to the page. You won’t see any fake download buttons or pop-up type of hover ads near download button.